The Best Interior Coating Here at Steel City Auto Spa in Pittsburgh, PA

Protect all of the interior plastics, leather and fabrics from future sun fading, stains, and spills for years to come with our professional grade interior ceramic coating!

Our Interior Coating Packages & Pricing

Professional Grade Interior Ceramic Coating

Steel City Auto Spa provides the best interior ceramic coating service in Pittsburgh, PA. Get your car booked in for our interior protection package and ensure your interior stays in the best condition for years to come!

toyota camry interior ceramic

Why Do You Need Interior Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating the interior of your vehicle will protect against stains, spills, water, UV rays and much more! The coating can be applied to all carpets, leather, upholstery, plastics and other interior materials. Keep the interior of your vehicle protected and looking brand new for years to come. Ask us about our interior ceramic coating, we know you won’t be disappointed!

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