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HyperCLEAN Fuego


Fuego is a game-changing wheel cleaner and iron decontamination product. The perfect 2-in-1 product that can be used to deep clean wheels or remove iron contaminants from the paint of your car. Fuego doesn’t have that traditional harsh smell of other iron-removing products on the market providing a more user-friendly experience.

hyperclean trx



HyperCLEAN TRX is the most versatile cleaner on the market. It is a true multi-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean up wheels, tires, plastics, paint, engines and even coated leather. TRX was developed to address the many different surfaces we find on cars today. A safe cleaner with the power to clean up all the modern surfaces of cars is what sets TRX apart. 

HyperCLEAN Foam Wash


This is a fantastic car washing soap and our #1 recommended here at Steel City Auto Spa. This is a great product for ceramic coated vehicles in specific but can be used on any vehicle! This is a PH balanced product which means it will not be too strong but has great cleaning power. This soap also provides great lubrication which is important during the washing phase to reduce scratching. Best of all, it has a pleasant, clean smell which adds to the overall awesome experience of washing your ceramic coated vehicle! 

hyperclean foam wash
hyperclean sliq

HyperCLEAN Sliq


The Perfect Silica Spray. SLIQ has made protecting your car easier than ever before. The amount of depth and gloss that is left behind after using SLIQ will leave everyone speechless.

What is the biggest complaint about silica sprays? The massive streaking/smearing they leave behind for you to deal with on the paint of your car takes away from the gloss and shine. SLIQ is the first completely streak-free silica spray on the market which provides the greatest user experience available.  

HyperCLEAN Infinite Shine


Revitalize and protect your car’s tires, wheel wells, suspension and chassis with Infinite Shine. Crafted with precision to deliver an unrivaled formula, Infinite Shine provides unmatched protection for your vehicle. Elevate your car care routine and unlock the full potential of your vehicle’s tires, wheel wells, suspension and chassis with Infinite Shine.

hyperclean infinite shine
hyperclean revive

HyperCLEAN Revive


HyperCLEAN Revive is designed to clean the modern car interior. Plastics, Leather, Vinyl, Piano Trim and of course modern screens. Revive is safe on all surfaces it will not discolor, dry or damage any part of your interior. It is really hard to develop a one-stop product that works on every surface in the modern car interior but HyperCLEAN Revive does it all. This product will make your car interior look and smell cleaner than the day it was delivered.

HyperCLEAN Glass Cleaner


The days of streaks on your glass have finally come to an end. Our glass cleaner is free of cheap solvents that cause streaking in ordinary glass cleaners. Our Glass Cleaner is the perfect solution for all your glass cleaning needs! If you’re looking to clean your car’s windows our strong and innovative Glass Cleaner will help you get the job done quickly and easily. Not only does it cut through dirt and grime easily, it also leaves behind a protective water-repellent layer that defends glass from future build-up. As an added bonus, enjoy improved visibility during rainy drives with this product!

hyperclean glass cleaner