Visit Steel City Auto Spa for top-notch services and professionalism. Ceramic coating, paint correction, automobile cleaning, engine bay detailing, and headlight restoration are just some of the treatments we provide that can restore your vehicle’s brilliance and lengthen its lifespan. Call 412-732-7828 right now to make an appointment and keep your car looking great.


Steel City Auto Spa in McCandless, PA, boasts a proficient and skilled team utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. With extensive experience in the auto detailing industry, our commitment to quality workmanship shines through. Let us revive your car’s brilliance and restore its glossy appeal.

If you’re looking for reliable detailing services in McCandless, go as far as Steel City Auto Spa. We provide five-star services to restore and preserve your vehicle’s shine; call us at 412-732-7828 to schedule an appointment.

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Located in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, McCandless is a township operating under its own local laws. McCandless is a member of the North Allegheny School District and shares in the services of the Northland Public Library with other nearby municipalities. According to the United States Census Bureau, the township has 16.6 square miles, 16.5 of which is land and 0.1 square miles (0.66%) of which is water.
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Car Detailing In McCandless, Pa

Steel City Auto Spa knows how a vehicle's condition may increase or decrease its worth. Therefore, we provide the most outstanding auto detailing services to ensure your car's continued excellence and cleanliness.


Ceramic Coating In McCandless, Pa

Installing a ceramic coating on your automobile is a great way to preserve its paint. The ceramic coating enhances the sheen and color depth of your car and makes washing it a pleasure, allowing you to spend more time driving and less time cleaning.

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Interior Ceramic Coating In McCandless, Pa

Safeguard your car's interior with a hydrophobic and stain-resistant barrier. Interior ceramic coatings repel spills and make cleaning up messes a breeze.


Exterior Detailing In McCandless, Pa

Restore your car's exterior to its showroom shine. Our meticulous cleaning process removes dirt, grime, and imperfections, leaving a gleaming finish.


Interior Detailing In McCandless, Pa

Deep clean your car's interior for a fresh and renewed feel. We tackle carpets, upholstery, and every nook and cranny, eliminating dirt, stains, and odors.

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Engine Bay Detailing In McCandless, Pa

Our engine detailing treatment is sure to improve your vehicle's efficiency. Our careful maintenance prevents the buildup of dirt and grime that may block vital components like air filters and spark plugs, leading to improved performance.


Headlight Restoration In McCandless, Pa

Your vehicle's safety, visibility, and curb appeal may all benefit from restoring its headlights. Auto-glass Express can restore your vehicle's headlight covers to appear like new, saving you money over purchasing new lenses. In addition, it might increase your car's resale value.

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Paint Correction In McCandless, Pa

The outside of your car is protected from the elements thanks to paint correction. When you polish and buff your car, a protective layer blocks out environmental hazards like dirt, dust, and UV rays, extending the life of your paintwork.


Auto Detailing In McCandless, Pa

Give your vehicle a new look with Steel City Auto Spa in McCandless, PA. Our exceptional auto detailing not only enhances but strengthens your vehicle's exterior. Experience the pinnacle of auto detailing and let us protect your vehicle's beauty from the elements.